[2023/04/05] welcome to dc

Two great things today:

One, I finished my federal tax!

Two, KB drove us (MP, BK, and I) to BK’s house in DC. BK’s parents invited us to Thaison, a Thai restaurant, for dinner. My favorite dishes were the green curry and the shrimp paste rice. I found out some food facts too – MP can’t eat super spicy food, BK is allergic to eggplant, and KB cannot eat cashew (although she shouldn’t really have wheat, nuts, and a million other things). Then, we went to Mosaic, an area that is very similar to Suburban Square. During the pandemic, BK’s parents were traveling around East Coast to find their ideal home location since BK’s mom just had a new job. When they came to DC, they Airbnb-ed in one of the buildings in Suburban Square and they loved it so much that they decided to move here permanently. So far, they have been loving it and their new house.

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