[2023/04/04] appreciation

KF always comes to hang out with me on Tuesdays and today is no exception. We also try to have dinner together. In the past, we had food from the Idea Lab, but now we either cook or buy our own food because the Idea Lab gets super crowded and there is not enough food for dinner. Dinner for today is frozen food from Giant and Hawaiian mochi cake.

KF was in charge of getting the food because I had a meeting to go to. He tried to get everything that we could both eat. However, he forgot that I don’t like bell pepper, so I could not have the Chicken Tuscan Soup. I was quite mad. Bell pepper is my biggest pet peeve and I always talk about it – how could he ever forget? After that, some other weird events piled up and we were both tired, so the evening turned out to be a very off-mood one.

After I said bye to him, I took a shower. I think this shower refreshed my mind and made me realize how much I overlooked KF’s effort. He drove for 45 minutes from his work to Villanova just to see me for a few hours. He also went to Giant and got all the food that we needed, by himself. Then, he tried to talk to me and ask me how my day was despite my anger. That enormous amount of patience and dedication made me rethink how demanding I was. I wish I paused and considered how much KF did for me and for our relationship and been a little more understanding.

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