[2023/04/02] Viettersection mixer

Today is a big day for VSA Villanova and VSA Bryn Mawr because it’s the first time we have ever done an open house social event. The turnout was very crazy – we had people from all over. We loved the games they arrange (Kahoot, train of thought, casino). The food was absolutely delicious. We had rolls and sweet soup. The rolls were made by our favorite “chefs” from both Villanova and Bryn Mawr. They started prepping the ingredients from midnight yesterday until 3 AM. Then, they woke up at 10 and stayed in the kitchen until 1 PM. The sweet soup was Che Suong Sa, which was picked up by MP and AR.

I was happy that I could enjoy the event almost fully and that I got to meet YN. We haven’t talked for a while. YN is very busy with her senior thesis and her plans. I felt bad that I forgot some details, but I just really wished we had the chance to catch up more… I hope that will have been more often in the near future!

In the evening, KF and I made shrimp and heart-shaped pasta. We used this recipe. I didn’t have Chardonnay or lemon juice, so I just used Chinese cooking wine and lime juice instead. Also, I had heavy cream that I could borrow from MP, but I used half-and-half instead. I also used shrimp in place of scallops. So lots of alternatives to the ingredients, but we still loved it. Oh my… we were so full by the end. Couldn’t even walk.

Here is a video of our dessert. Always have room for dessert.

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