[2023/04/01] fro-yo, dinner x2

Today was a very stormy day, especially in the evening. We constantly received notifications about hurricanes on our phones. That was actually better for me because all I wanted was to stay inside and nap. I need to regain my energy before the upcoming week!

In the evening, KF asked if I wanted to go out for dessert and pick up dinner because he needed to leave by 7 PM to pick his dad up from the airport. When we left, it rained the heaviest. All the cars on the street were blinking hazard lights. We had fro-yo in Wayne and took out dinner from Sang Kee. KF got me extra custard buns for dessert. Of course, I shared one with him, since I knew he loved the buns too 🙂

After KF left, I drove my VSA friends to BAT’s house and we had a potluck dinner there. I think the best food we got was chicken corn soup. TN made it for us though she was bedridden. She made two pots, one for us and the other for herself. She even seasoned it in a separate bowl so we didn’t all get sick. So that was dinner again. We came back super late at night after singing random karaoke songs and watching cartoons.

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