[2023/03/31] girls night out

I haven’t gone out for a while, as I am not a big fan of drinking and sleeping super late. I know that it is bad for my mental health and my muscle building. However, today I made an exception because it was MP’s 22nd birthday.

We did pre-game at our apartment, where we sang our lungs out to Taylor Swift songs and enjoyed all the delicious drinks that MP made for us.

Then, we took the Septa to Philly. The initial plan was to go to Concourse. However, since one of the girls was not old enough, we had to switch to Howl At the Moon. Turn out, Howl at The Moon has the same owner as Down the nightclub, and they are connected through a little door. That absolutely blew my mind because the last time when KF, KC, AR, and I went we just stayed at Down for the entire time, listening to rap music that I didn’t vibe with. Not like Down was different this time, but having the choice of moving back and forth between two places made the experience slightly better.

The night was weird – there were so many random guys trying to hit on us. I for sure had absolutely no interest, so I looked them in the eye and said No at least twice. I just really wanted to dance, have fun, and not have to think about that. But I know that I shouldn’t be that selfish because most of the girls in our group were single and so ready to mingle haha.

We didn’t get home til’ 3:30 AM and I was finally in bed by 4AM. What a day…!

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