[2023/03/28] coincidence

Recently there are many academic things in my life that are wine-related. My Advanced Analytics assignment is Text Mining on wine. We looked at unstructured data, like wine reviews and wine variety, then we spotted some patterns and gave recommendations on business actions. I had to look up different varieties to see whether they were red wines or white wines. I also learned about the differences between their tastes and prices. Red wines tend to have strong and tannin flavors and are old, while white wines usually taste fruity, light, and refreshing. Although red wines are statistically more expensive, it’s not guaranteed that an expensive bottle tastes better.

In my other class, strategic thinking, we learned about climate change in Napa valley and its influences on the wine industry. In short, Climate change has created wildfires and droughts which threatens the quality of grapes and increase costs for the farmers in term of planting and insurance. Additionally, I also found out some fun facts, such as the wine industry is resistant to changes; California’s wine industry is not thinking much about sustainability; younger consumers are not buying as many wines as older consumers, but they are spending more on a bottle, which is not very good for the industry because it leads them to change their practices for the worse. Additionally, 90% of wine from the US is produced in Napa Valley.

So the fact that I am learning about wine in two of my classes at the same time might be the universe’s sign that I should learn to understand some more about wine and the wine-making industry!

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