[2023/03/24] spit dining hall food

Before heading to New York, KF, my brother, and I stopped at Spit to get food. I have to say that the food here has gotten better over time. Their seafood creamy soups and steak are generally good. They also have a wide range of dessert options to choose from, including ice cream, pancakes, and waffles. However, I wish that they have more fruits, like strawberries and blueberries.

I also realize how picky and demanding I am when it comes to food. I needed utensils of all kinds; I only eat the food that I enjoy but they gave me too much; and I stood up at least 5 times just to get everything. However, when I eat by myself, I don’t remember doing this much. Probably because of the paradox of choices that indulges me and increases my demand like that.

At night, TL also invited more of his friends over. We drank and talked a lot. We didn’t sleep until 5 AM. It was wild.

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