[2023/03/23] mindful eating

Recently, I notice that I tend to use too much energy between my meal periods, so I feel super hungry when it’s finally time to eat. However, I don’t snack in between because I think snacks are unhealthy. That’s why I attended a mindful eating session with the Health Promotion Office in hope that I can start altering my habit and have a healthier relationship with food.

When I came to the event, I realized that I have one more problem – I usually do other things while I eat and I don’t focus on the food as much as I should, especially when I eat by myself. I could blame the presence of technology for giving me opportunities to be busy and multi-task so I don’t feel empty. However, let’s be frank, for one, I can control this, and, two, scientists have proved that doing one thing at a time can lead to better results. For example, when you work out, you should only focus on your muscles’ watching movies in the meantime does not help and can even hinder this process.

After this session, I now promise myself that I will only be eating when I eat from now on. No more watching movies to fill that blank space! Also, I will bring healthy snacks like fruit and trail mix to fill my gurgling tummy before the official meals because I am always worthy of food.

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