[2023/03/21] tutoring

I have always enjoyed tutoring, not only because I love seeing people’s faces light up when they are able to solve a problem, but also because I find joy in learning through teaching. Today I helped a sophomore with Optimization problems in her Business Analytics course. I found a way to explain the increase and decrease in profits and profits in sensitivity analysis with a timeline that I never thought of before. This method allowed her to visualize and comprehend the solution so much better. Toward the end, she told me that I was better at teaching than her professor, which I totally disagreed with since I have always seen my role as assisting the students in their journey. I am good at creating a personalized experience and reading the student’s reactions, so maybe that was why the student was thinking that way. However, I don’t think I would be so great at coming up with an entire curriculum and teaching someone from scratch!

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