[2023/03/18] Tableau certification

I passed the Tableau Certification today! I got 870/1000 and the passing score is 750. After the certification, KJ and I went to Kung Fu tea and got some bubble tea to celebrate.

This is wonderful news and it adds to my happiness as I also received a letter from the Dean about my Business Analytics medallion. I initially aimed for the MIS medallion, since I thought I have enough experience with MIS and it might be less competitive, given that we have 86 MIS students vs. 270 Business Analytics students across all 4 years, as of Spring 2023 (Villanova Enrollment Statistics)

After getting the certification, KF and I went to Chinatown to catch a bus to NYC so we could hang out with VL and TL this weekend. We went to HomeTown AYCE hotpot. The food was absolutely delicious and fresh. We were so full that we needed to walk off and took the subway back to TL’s place. Then, for the rest of the night, we drank wine and watched Hangover II and III. It’s always nice to see this gang again, even better now that I can introduce KF to them!

The gang in NYC!

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