[2023/03/14] quiet

KF picked me up at 8:30 PM today, after a barre class with the Health Promotion Office at Barre3 in Rosemont Square. We went to Honeygrow for dinner. We didn’t dine in – we took it back to my place. While we were waiting for our order, I asked KF how his day was. He shared with me that he did a lot of 3D printing since he worked from home today. “Why?” I asked him again. “Because I want to come to Villanova early to catch you before all your events, but you were busy.”

I immediately looked back at the message that he sent to me earlier today at 5:45 PM. I responded to his “wyd” text that I was in a consulting event. After that, he didn’t respond and just kept quiet, until I texted him at around 8:30 that I was done and he just zoomed to Rosemont to pick me up. Little did I know, he was already at school at 5:45 PM, waiting for me. I wished he let me know that he was there, so I could reorganize my schedule to make room for him, or maybe I should be more alert so I can guess that he was at school early as a surprise.

This was not the first time KF has done this. A few months ago, he also waited for me in the Idea Lab without telling me and just texted me back and forth. I was completely oblivious to that and was taking my sweet time doing all kinds of tasks. By the time I finally met him, he was about to leave because a 3-hour wait was too long and he had other places to be.

At those moments when I found out about the wait, I usually got mad and confused why he never told me about his visits. He knew I don’t like random visits. However, now that I think of it, I see how much he cares about me. If I have to find an image to describe his love, I would use a stream, because a stream not only flows continuously and consistently but also quietly brings so many benefits to those whose lives are based on it. No matter how unstable and unpredictable I am, KF always shows that he wants the best for me. He doesn’t mind waiting for me because he respects what I was doing and he wants to support me as much as he can. I think it takes a very big heart to do this again and again. I’m very thankful for all that from KF.

KF pondering on the new HoneyGrow arts on their takeout boxes

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