[2023/03/13] out of it

Nothing seemed right to me today. After Naz Farm, I have to face the reality that I have a ton of work coming up and pending. I also realize that I am living such a wasteful life – all the food that I throw away could totally sit in a compost bin and all the lights that I forgot have wasted so much electricity. I lost interest in conversations that I had to share with people, including KF. I contemplated life today and just fell out of it all.

This after-effect of a peaceful life is truly dangerous, I think. I was unplugged just for a week and it now feels more depressing than ever. The only effective cure for was a gym session in the evening, as it helped me sweat out all my worries and realize my true feelings. Before I went to bed, I told KF about all my feelings and clarified all my stupid assumptions. He was patient and loving as always, which made me felt safe and loved. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day with more exciting events!

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