[2023/03/04] ice skating + hotpot

KF, my brother, MP, and I went ice skating at Blue Cross Riverink in Philly. We had a whale of a time and will definitely come back!

Then, we wanted hotpots for dinner since it was freezing outside. Unfortunately, all the AYCE places were full and the wait time was from 40 minutes to an hour, so we had to try Chubby Cattle. This place is like a high-end hotpot with a clean and pleasant atmosphere, not as many seats, and guaranteed fresh ingredients. We shared a big hotpot with tomato soup + mushroom soup; we also ordered a plate of wagyu, scallops, seafood balls, noodles, and mushrooms. I love the soup as the broth was clear and nicely seasoned, but I don’t love their steep price and didn’t see much difference in the luxurious ingredients at all. Our waiters were also very unattentive – they barely had to serve us yet we still couldn’t see them to order or get the check. I don’t think I will come back here next time though, I will most likely just stick with AYCE hotpots!

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