[2023/03/03] nam phuong experience

Today I invited my brother and his roommate CJ to Nam Phuong Restaurant in Ardmore, after taking my brother to Giant to grocery shop. We had a lot of fun, though I think the food could have been a lot better. I also had a revelation: some Asian dishes require a lot of multi-tasking and it’s hard for American people to get used to that when most of their words can be eaten with forks and knives. It’s like with a fork and knife, you cut then pick up, but for chopsticks, you have to get all the ingredients in the dish and slurp the soup simultaneously. Not to mention using chopsticks is a whole new level of difficulty as well!

CJ is an empathic kid with a chill attitude. He has some pet peeves and is particular about certain things, but hey who doesn’t. He and my brother seem to live well together, which I’m very glad about! I hope they will continue to be good friends even after this year when they live in different rooms with different roommates.

After dropping CJ off, my brother and I made some apple crisps. Combining that with ice cream, we had the best dessert yet. My brother brought some back to share with his roommate and he said it was delicious and they both finished in one sitting.

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