[2023/03/01] bye KF’s dad

KF picked me up from Bartley today so we could head to Ruby Tuesday and have dinner before KF’s dad traveled to HK tomorrow. Mr. J told me that he has about 2 checked luggage only 1/4 of them are his clothes, and the rests are handbags and necessities for Mrs. R and his extended family. He will be flying with Air Canada and stopping in Canada twice (isn’t it a weird itinerary?)

Dinner was delicious, though smaller than I expected. I order New Orleans Seafood dish and inhaled it in less than 15 minutes. We then headed to his house to get 7 oranges before going back to my apartment. After arriving, KF and I decided to take a fat nap since we were both super tired. For me, it was the result of a heated cold war with my roommate, tutoring, and constant work. For KF, it was long hours of driving and waiting. We both really deserve some good rest.

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