[2023/02/28] appreciation

My brother told me that his friend also got admitted to the same organization on campus as him. I quickly realized that it was the girl that I encouraged and gave advice to a few weeks ago. I was surprised that she never got back to me regarding this good news. On my way back, I kept wondering whether my support was impactful to her. But also, I don’t feel too appreciated and now I hesitate to continue giving my advice to her.

Showing appreciation is not very hard I think, but we tend to overlook it. I usually like to pay it forward by helping others who are about to participate in the same experience as I did before. I, of course, would really love to receive updates from them, just like what I did when they offered me support. I keep them in the loop as closely as I can because I appreciate their time and effort, plus, a full circle is always so heartwarming if you think about it!

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