[2023/02/22] a dream about Tableau certification

Weirdest dream ever! I must be so obsessed with getting the Tableau certification, losing things, and being late that all of them haunted me in my dream… I remember that I needed to go to Vinschool, an international school in Vietnam, to take this test. For the first part, we have a ton of writing and reading to do. Of course I never expected this kind of test as the Tableau Certification is all about Tableau – the data process and data visualization software, so I was shocked and did very slowly on it. When the time was up, I was still scrambling to finish the last part. The proctor had to repeatedly tell me to submit my exam, almost like begging me.

Then, we headed to another room to take the second part of the test. I started seeing people pulling out their calculators and I was like what do you need it for. They only shrugged and told me that there would be a Maths portion that required a calculator. As clueless as I was, I still decided to borrow one from a younger student studying in the class next door. She gave me her calculator immediately and when I asked for her number, she wrote it down on the calculator. However, when I pressed the equal sign, the calculator sum up all those numbers and I had to ask for her number again. This happened 2 more times, to a point that I was too shy to even ask again and promised myself that I would find her in her class after the exam. In that exam, there were lots of maths questions. They were not too hard, but they were surprises to me. Then I came to one question that prompted me to go to TJ Maxx in order to complete it. I stood up and went to TJ Maxx.

When I got there, a cashier led me to a rack full of earrings. Now this rack had numbers labeled on the x-axis and letters on the y-axis. My task was to find my ID, which was 14 and I took a while to remember, then locate the earrings on rack 7b. It was a challenging task, because the numbers were not in ascending order; it was sorted by all odd followed by all even numbers. By the time I was done, I started seeing other people started coming in. I said hi to a few of them and waited for my friend to complete their task. Then, they told me that I should come back to the test center since there were many other questions left to finish and the first person to make it back would get 30 points bonus. I sprinted back, but I was too late for that. I really wish I didn’t wait for my friend then. When I finally returned to my seat, the proctor told us that there were only 5 minutes left on the exam and I must hurry up to finish 2 pages of questions. So here I was, again, crunching on this part and panicking. Then I submitted my unfinished exam, praying that I will pass. I never knew the result because that was also when my alarm rang and I must wake up to start my real day in my real life!

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