[2023/02/21] compliment

I visited my Advanced Analytics Professor during her office hour today. She helped me with a problem that I had been pondering for the past 2 days so that felt super great. After that, we chatted for a few minutes about life, family, and hobbies. I told her that I have seen her around and heard about how great she was for the past 4 years, but I had to wait for all the way until the last semester of my senior year to finally be in her class. Of course, it has been a pleasure so far and I never regret having Business Analytics as my Co-Major! She was very happy to hear that as she loves feedback (and list-making but that’s another story). She also let me know her impression of me – I am like a ray of sunshine walking into class. I blushed hearing that because that’s my favorite compliment ever. I can’t wait to see how the class unfolds for the rest of this semester!

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