[2023/02/17] 2023 winter gala

MP hosted a pre-game at our apartment and she invited so many people over, including her and my friends. Although our place is a little tiny to fit everyone comfortably, I think everyone had a great time, and MP and I will definitely host again if there is next time!

A little e-invite that Emma made

I am impressed with the 2023 winter gala for how well-organized, thoughtful, and fun it was! The event seemed to be sponsored by the schools and the staff members, as I saw them lining up by the entrance to welcome and check us in. The food was diverse with meat and dietary options for everyone and was quite creatively displayed. Inside Villanova’s room, the ceiling was completely transformed with crystal glasses, lights, and disco ball, while Belle Air hosted three kinds of photo booths so we didn’t have to wait in crazily long lines.

Upstairs, in the lounge and inside the gallery near the International Student Office, they also organized a casino with staff members dressing up, and handing out cards and chips like a real gambling scene. No money was associated, but the more chips you earn, the more raffle tickets you can get to increase your chance of winning the raffle for a $100 Amazon gift card. I played blackjack and won quite a ton (in case you couldn’t tell from the picture below!).

KF and I were also able to snap some fun pictures. He dressed up in a cute outfit with his grey work pants and a small bow tie, which was different from most guys at the event and I really loved it!

At the event, I also met many good friends of mine and hung out with several groups of people. You can say that it’s like every networking event, but I think this is different because we have the perfect excuse to take photos with each other and remember each other’s beauty when we wear nice outfits!

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