[2023/02/12] super bowl

The Eagles are competing against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl today. KF was super excited to be “near where the action is” and really really wanted us to hang out in Philly. I, on the other hand, disliked the idea of being stuck in the city. I knew for a fact that everyone is gonna go wild if The Eagles wins, plus we didn’t have any reservations so we would have to float around and find a place that would take us. Luckily, at the last minute, KC and AR let us know that they got us reservations at LaScala’s Birra in South Philly. Perfect!

The place turned out to be so awesome. It was just crowded enough for us to understand and watch the games together, eat good food, mingle, have so much fun, and park the car somewhere close by. Rihannah’s performance during half-time was fire! She announced that she was pregnant her 2nd child with A$AP Rocky. Everything was supposed to be perfect until the Eagles lost to the Chiefs by only 3 points…. There were several reasons for that, such as our quarterback Hurts fumbling and the defense team being slippery. Philly was rainy and sad today – everyone just wanted to rush home.

The best food: Ricotta Board!

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