[2023/02/09] 100 days ’til graduation!

The more I think about this event, the more I realize how much we were scammed. We paid $35+ for the ticket, which was supposed to include special drinks, food, shuttle, and live performance. First of all, the shuttle departed from Bryn Mawr station, which nobody knew where and when that really was (we have 2 Bryn Mawr stations). There were also no complimentary special drinks and we still had to buy our own. Although we got happy-hour prices, and we were noticed before, it was still an extra fee to pay. The food was Domino’s plain cheese pizza, which ran out within 30 minutes. There were no live performances, except for the DJ, whose music was not the best tbh. The venue, Ardmore Music Hall, was too tiny to fit everyone. The only fun things were the pre-game at our apartment (MP and P also joined us), cute dresses, and nice pictures.

MP was very drunk by the time we got there and she wasn’t feeling super well towards the end, so we came back early. I still had fun though! I met many friends from classes and from a long time ago. The best people were my freshman-year roommate. She updated me that her younger sister is now a freshman at a musical college in New York. Her mom is still taking pictures and everyone is doing well and healthy in general. The other nice meetup was a guy in my STI class. He said that he sat on the left-hand side and he was super impressed by my smart comments in the class.” I was so flattered and excited to say hi to him when I come to class next week!


Ardmore Music Hall

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