[2023/02/04] ASA Expo

This is my last ASA Expo as a Villanova Student, so I decided that I would only perform with VSA and not do the Fashion show. I think I made the right choice because I fully enjoyed the show and had a wonderful time! I am especially proud of myself for pulling off the performance without forgetting a single move. I practiced 3 times more than other people so I think I really deserved this!

Other performances were super amazing too! I regret not filming Filipino Student’s dance!! Still, I got 3 other great ones on camera. Enjoy!

I see the Taekwondo class’ performance every year and still feel super impressed this time. The guy in the red belt is our guy in VSA!
Sorry for being a little biased on two people but I they were so good, are my friends, and are dating!!!

I also wore the Ao Dai that my mom bought for me from Vietnam. It was simple and the pants were a little too big, but I felt so beautiful and proud wearing my Ao Dai today!

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