[2023/02/03] love

Today I found out the sad news about my two best friends: they decided to break up with each other and are in the process of forcing themselves out of love. The reason? Long distance and an unpredictable future ahead. I used to think that these two people are perfect for each other and their break up possibility is so low that it almost doesn’t exist. My girl friend is strong, independent, cute, and can cook good food, while my guy friend is calm, determined, stable, and enjoy selective learning. They were (and still are) living together and still speak of each other very highly. They have such high respect for each other that I couldn’t tell that they already broke up if my girl friend didn’t tell me.

Hearing my friends’ stories makes me think about my relationship with KF. We both agreed that when I start my full-time job in Hoboken, we will try to make things work, even if that means a weekly commute of 2 hours and many video calls, because we still can and still love each other. We have also had lots of practice since my internship this summer. So, I have high hope that things will work out between us. However, a part of me is still afraid of the future and changes of heart.

I low-key wish that my two favorite people will get back together, one way or another, but I understand that there are many factors that are manipulating their situations. For myself, all I want is for us to be happy and be the best versions of ourselves, then hopefully things will just follow suit.

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