[2023/02/01] Trader’s Joe

I drove KJ to Trader’s Joe today. Do you know why?

It’s because KJ told me that Trader’s Joe is cheaper than Giant. Actually, you know what, MP told me the same thing too. I feel like that’s true to a certain degree. For example, vegetables seemed to be cheaper in Trader’s Joe (spinach here was $1.99 vs. $3-4 in Giant). However, that was 1 single product and I feel like it would be unfair for me to make a conclusion that way. So I want to conduct a little survey/research to verify this fact. More details coming soon!

After the grocery run, I literally had to also run to Bartley for the EY x Bulldog Yoga yoga session. They ran out of mats. no mats? no problem – I just did it on the carpeted floor. Music was fire, but I preferred it to be no lyrics to better concentrate on the yoga session. The session was more than basic and I was tired by the time we were done!

What a day!

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