[2023/01/29] skateboard

KF and I had a delicious lunch together – teriyaki salmon with garlic udon and a side of cabbage.

Then, we built a skateboard for me together, while watching the Eagles game. He taught me how to hammer some nails, tighten some bolts, and assemble various parts together. He also explained some physics laws to me but I don’t think I retained very much. At the same time, he patiently answered every single question of mine about the football game on FOX. I now know the general rules of football and would very much like to continue watching this sport next time (maybe the SuperBowl!).

For dinner, KF, my brother, and I went to Philly to meet up with co G, chu H family at Dimsum House by Jane G Rittenhouse. Philly was a little wild after the Eagles won and will be going to the Super Bowl. I saw polices, horses, motorcycle, helicopter, and cars everywhere on the street. The poles were greased and big buildings were barred off. At the dinner, I heard many hilarious stories about their son, anh B. I can relate to like 90% of those stories because I am somewhat like that too haha. After that, all of us kids went to Prince Tea House in Chinatown to have some Rosie Milk Tea and Crepe Cake together. Yum yum! Very fun night!

Dimsum House by Jane G Rittenhouse

Center Philly after the Eagles won

Prince Tea House!

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