[2023/01/27] Nope.

The Connelly Movie Center showed Nope the movie today and I spontaneously wanted to go. I asked OM if she wanted to do so and thankfully she said yes as she just turned her essay in. When the opening credit showed Jodan Peele, OM told me that this might be a horror movie because she saw another film he made and it was quite scary. However, she emphasized that he has a peculiar way of storytelling, so I agreed that it would be “too late” to back out.

My thoughts after the movie? It was absolutely maniac! OM was very right that Peele had an odd way to represent what he meant and the movie had some terrifying scenes there. As I read on Google, I found out that the movie hoped to convey how Hollywood chews people up and spits them out, as well as, and the artist’s passion for the arts. Of course, there were many other layers underneath, but I would leave it for you to go onto Youtube and find out yourself.

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