[2023/01/25] the dance practice

Recently I have been overwhelmingly excited to practice VSA’s dance routine and prepare for the ASA show coming up next weekend. Today we have our second practice and we already nailed 1.5 songs. I only have 0.5 songs left with the girls. It was fun. We danced and sang many Vietnamese songs, and I especially enjoyed the part where they enlightened me with catchy rap MVs. My personal favorites were Cang Cua and Fashion Tan Gai. I can’t wait till we have the next practice!!

Secondly, I went out for dinner with HJ. We are at Yamazaki in Bryn Mawr. The charsiu rice I ordered was extremely delicious. It was just unfortunate that the remaining rice that I took home fell on the floor as I hugged goodbye to HJ. I also tried the Mini Curry Rice Bowl from HJ, though I have to be honest that I wasn’t a fan. Additionally, I learned that HJ is one of the chef’s friends because she knew his girlfriend from Thailand. The story was one day, HJ and her roommate came to Yamazaki feeling extremely sick and cramped because of their periods. The chef’s girlfriend, who was a waitress at the time, was very kind and offered them a cup of tea. Since then, they became friends and the girlfriend told HJ how she came here to help her boyfriend open this restaurant. Now his girlfriend is in Thailand, but she maintains a good relationship with the chef and comes here often.

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