[2023/01/24] an unexpectedly fancy dinner

Per usual, the Idea Lab had dinner at 6PM today. They had sushi, raw and cooked. But regardless of the sushi type, everything was gone after 20 minutes. I was somewhat middle in the line and I got 10 pieces. I ate five, spared 5, gave my coworker M 1, and spared 4 for KF. True battle. It’s alright though – I was able to meet KF’s friend and his baby boy D and S’s Twiggy the dog. Also, we decided to grab dinner afterward. Initially, we wanted Pho Street, but we figured that we might be late, so we ended up picking Fellini Cafe after contemplating QDOBA.

Fellini Cafe turned out to be a surprisingly fancy dinner for us – ambiance atmosphere, romantic music, and food that took 30 minutes of wait time. We ordered Calamari for the appetizer, followed by 2 pasta dishes: mushroom linguine and seafood pappardelle. To my surprise, the calamari was not fried but soaked in a tomato creamy sauce. The pastas had light textures and flavors, so I preferred to love me some more self-sprayed salt and pepper.

Then, we visited KF’s friend, D the fireman because it’s been a while since I last saw him and KF needed to get his moonball back. D still looked great, maybe with slightly better teeth, as he just got his brace. He still enjoys his job as an IT officer at the Navy and was quite interested in listening to KF’s light switch and shade advertisement.

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