[2023/01/18] my last second day of class

I had my first sports analytics class today. My professor’s voice is quite monotonous. which made me fall asleep multiple times, although I have to admit that I fall asleep in every single one of my classes. Nevertheless, he is passionate about the subject (I think he knows the rules of almost every common sports) and organized (he emails us a notes after each class). So, I look forward to our next classes on Friday!

I also went to the Sophomore Major Declaration Event today and I met KP, who is my peer advisee. I am so proud to see her hosting the Accounting table and was getting ready to take on the world. I also met other professors and faculty members whom I enjoy working and spending my time with. I actually told MG that I was aiming for the MIS Medallion and I couldn’t believe that she said she would like to find out the secret process to get the medallion for me when I complained about the unclear criteria. I have never received such positive, supportive, and actionable reaction from anyone, so I was extremely touched. I am quite shy to receive any financial support from her (she offered to sponsor me for the Hot Chocolate Run), but I will be sure to stay in touch with her and update her on my journey regardless!

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