[2023/01/17] money

Everytime I see KF’s friend, H, he would tell us about 10 of his jobs and how he made money off of the silliest thing. For example, he used the newest AI technology to speed up writing time and brain power; then, he filled that time gap with more meaningful tasks at hand. From there, he made many times more money than he already did (which wasn’t a small amount). However, he was humble about his achivement as he reminded us of his college life and experience. He only dared to apply to 1 local college and almost failed several classes. During that time, he vowed to never cheated and worked very hard to outsmart the system. He also has limit in his expertise in some area. However, he was able to bluffed his way through, showed people his potential, and got the job. Stories like that not only reminded me of my dad’s advice to use time efficiently, but also the fact that there is so much money in the world. So naturally, I felt so inpsired to earn more money now, immediately.

But also, I need to figure out what I like to do for fun. Better when I either master it or can make money out of it. Like KF, for example, he is pretty good at 3D printing, skate boarding, making keyboards, building machines, etc. but all I have is going to the gym and writing my blogs so far. Yes, I still a lot of things to work on to improve myself!

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