[2023/01/15] Penang Restaurant & Prince Tea House in Philly

Yesterday, KF and I went to Philly to have dinner at Penang. I have to tell you that if you ever go to this place, make sure you order the right things:

  • Haianese Chicken + Chicken rice TO GO (because their chicken is room temperature which is a huge disappointment)
  • Kang Kung (Morning glory vegetable with garlic)
  • Roti Canai (The original one, not the vegetarian one for a full flavor)

All other dishes on their menu can be found in other Chinese restaurants and the flavors are nothing special.

The restaurant is also extremely crowded in the evening and you will have to wait for a very long time to be seated, get the menu, order the food, and eat the food. I wish they have an automated system to receive orders because that could save a ton of time and human resources.

After dinner, KF and I made an unplanned decision to visit Prince Tea House because of the brutally windy and cold weather, plus KF had never been there before. This place opens until midnight and serves delicious desserts. We ordered lavender milk tea with 30% sugar and earl grey crepe cake. Everything was just perfect – the milk tea has a beautiful adn delicious fragrance, while the cake was thick in cream with a strong tea flavor. We got all of them for under 20 dollars. We will definitely come back here again in the future!

KF and the roti canai. We inhaled this btw

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