[2023/01/11] Villanova in the Valley (day 3)

Today, we volunteered at St. Anthony’s Church, Bain Capital, and Urban Innovation Funds.

  • People experiencing homelessness, not homeless people!
  • San Francisco’s poverty line is 82k for individuals. That’s a number that I don’t think I can ever wrap my head around because I only earn a little more than that working in EY New York as a Technology Consultant.
  • Marketing and Sales now work extremely close together to accelerate the sales cycle
  • Integrity is hard to find, but if you want to be successful in your career, do it anyway.
  • People in San Francisco usually have entrepreneurship blood naturally running in them. JW from Bain Capital, for example, started off building a startup and now he is in a VC, investing in millions of other startups and making billions in profit. Cases like JW’s still might not be strong enough to support this statement because not everyone is getting hold of that much money in San Francisco. So, how about an alumnus who is a children psychologist by day and a furniture flipper by night?
  • When asked if Urban Innovation Funds would ever invest in blockchain or cryptos, co-founder Clara Brenner said she doesn’t mind it and would 100% support it, as long as it yields profitable results that align with their values. With that being said, people buy outcomes, not methods to success. So, remember that just because something is different or disruptive, it doesn’t necessarily translate to failure and we should keep an open mind to welcome it.
  • If you are process-oriented, you can scale up easier. Maybe that’s why AM spent the majority of her time automating and centralizing tools for the Idea Lab. One of the tools she uses intensively is AirTable. That way, no matter if only her and SG running the place, the place can still warmly welcome hundreds of members with unique and creative ideas.

The Clothing Store of St. Anthony’s Church. Behind this store is a massive warehouse, where we hand-selected every piece of cloth, screened them at least twice, and categorize them by style and size. Being able to see how organized and well-displayed the clothes are made us feel proud about the work, but also made the shopping experience of people experiencing homelessness many times better.

Bain Capital has a cool umbrella wrapper machine in their building’s lobby

Urban Innovation Fund team worked in a coworking space in the Ferry Building, where I also had a killer Oatly vanilla soft serve from Gott’s

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