[2023/01/13] Villanova in the Valley (last day)

Today we visited Thoma Bravo and Google. Late afternoon and early evening, BK, MS, and me hung out in Palo Alto together.

  • Thoma Bravo is one of the world’s largest software investor. They started off in 1998 with 6 people, now they have 250 people altogether but their core members remain the same.
  • Thoma Bravo investment thesis are: high revenue, market leadership, good management team, and good IT product.
  • It’s great to start with a big firm at the beginning of your career to get proper training and a strong base, then you can choose to divert out
  • The more society evolves the more EQ matters
  • Characteristics of a great investor: Be curious, ask the right questions, have the most basic principle and is able to follow it, can mirror other leaders
  • Trilemma in the fin tech industry: Privacy, Security, and Trust. You have to pick 2 out of 3 for your solutions
  • Don’t be complacent, because if you do, you will not be able to stay competitive
  • Sometimes, the most powerful products aren’t very visible, so if your team is working on one of those products, you need to find ways to reward them accordingly.
  • 4 factors that makes one’s success in their career: People, System, Management Support, and Market

Palo Alto in pictures. It’s a small town near Standford University. We passed the famous Nagi ramen, ate in Killiney Kopitiam, and went to Trader Joe’s, Boba Guy, and a bookstore

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