[2023/01/10] Villanova in the Valley (day 2)

Today we visited NVIDIA, Adobe, and Accel Partners. Dinner was at Sessions.

  • Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every 2 years. Therefore, we can expect the speed and capability of your computers to increase every 2 years because of this. However, Jesen, NVIDIA’s CEO pronounced in Nov 2022 that it was dead.
  • Some interesting AI applications by NVIDIA: Digital Twin allows for a more efficient validation process, AI helps keep tabs on cotton tabs being used in the surgery to make sure none are left behind, Maxine revolutionizes video conferencing with translation, eye contact, filter capabilities in real-time.
  • Jensen builds NVIDIA so that people can do their life’s work. In order for that to happen, he supports employment with the means. For example, when the war in Ukraine happened, they decided to stop their business there and were willing to move every employee of theirs to a country by choice if they chose to stay with NVIDIA. During COVID time, he also sent care packages to every employee and gave them a raise so they can take care of their families. He also believes in the results of the work, so the working mode is a free-range concept; employees should be able to work anywhere, as long as they are on the right track to finish their life’s work.
  • NVIDIA believes that the project is the boss. The people all work together to serve the project and make it the best one yet.
  • Adobe invented PDF with the intention to send, view, and print documents from any device. Then, they made PDF a free software. However, they created Adobe Acrobat Reader, the best solution to manage PDF files. Yes, anyone can view a PDF file, but NVIDIA’s software is the best one to do more with PDĐF!
  • Dana advised us to know our worth because our goal is to be so indispensable/expert in a subject that we can have the power to negotiate when we need to. That’s exactly what he did when he asked for a compensation package to exit GM and Microsoft
  • You should check in with your career every 3 years and ask this question: Am I happy? Am I getting compensated enough? If the answer is no, negotiate. Then, when you got it, put your head down and work your ass off
  • When entrepreneurs came to VC and pitch their ideas or gain their support, they get funded for the project, but VC also gets their potential money and ownership. So, it’s a transactional and 2-way street and they benefit off from each other in the long run
  • The chance favors only the prepared minds. Anda prepared mind is a common theme that many VCs search and strive for.

NVIDIA’s building. I wish I took more pictures when NVIDIA walked us through their super innovative and impressive technologies

Adobe’s office and a rainbow we saw while we were on the bus

Accel Partners Office. RZ was so kind to give us a tour around the building

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