[2023/01/07] when it rains it pours

It was a rainy and gloomy day today. We started off with breakfast in Hongkong coffee shop. To get there, we must cross a tunnel, from the Union Square end to the Chinatown end. We ordered pork + egg porridge, beef stew noodle soup, French toast, and shrimp rice rolls. The food was lovely and very fulfilling! We were super full by the end and I had to bring some leftovers back!

The tunnel and the street of SF

MN and I love the simple yet heartful food

Then, we went to multiple clothing stores with one single aim – to find me a beanie, so I don’t get a headache when the wind blows crazily. We stopped by Old Navy, Ross, Arie, American Eagle, Hollister, etc but we either couldn’t see any or they were too ugly and expensive for my pocket. The last store I went to was H&M and I found the perfect basic black beanie right there. Ikr! I should have gone there from the beginning! On our hunt, we stopped by this one very unique gift store, called CHALO. They sell vibrant artwork and merch depicting the life of people in San Francisco. I bought a magnet of the sea lions bing chilling by the bay, which was the most unique part of SF in my opinion. I really should also have bought a poster now that I look back because they don’t even post stuff online and they have so few stores around the West coast!

After that, we Ubered over to Santa Cruz. It was raining cats and dogs, so we couldn’t do much – especially not visiting UC Santa Cruz campus! I, unfortunately, lost my newly bought beanie, so I decided to revenge by going downtown and getting a new one from F21. MN said the two hats looked exactly the same. I believe him. It’s a cheaper duplicate anyway because that’s all I deserve for breaking my resolution! I also visited a ton of thrift shops. I got myself magenta pants. They are on the expensive side but I love them so much that I just had to have them!

Pictures I took of some shops that I visited

For dinner, we ate @ Pizza My Heart. Their famous, award-winning Big Sur pizza was absolutely delicious, though their pepperoni pizza was just regular okay. I found out some fun facts about MN, like how he has stopped playing guitar but still came back to it once in a while, or how he didn’t even apply to UC Santa Cruz but ended up going there anyway because he checked a box. He also had the same keyboard type as me; he built it himself and had very very nice key switches, all linear of course!

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