[2023/01/05] KF’s friend group mini reunion

One of the friends in KF’s friend group came back for a visit and they all got together. I was honorarily involved because they picked my apartment as their meeting location. I got to hear all the fun and cr@zy stories back when they were still in school together. I specifically remembered the one about the sexy anime girl poster, their sneaky adventures into all secret places on the Villanova campus, and KF’s water gun. KF always gets super chatty when he is with his gang, so it was just great to be with him and his friends, listening in and laughing along the way!

At the end of the night, KF and I solved a small conflict together. We all agreed that from now on we would always make the other person feel good and look good when we are in public; we would save all our honest comments and be candid about them when we are together. That way, we can stay strong, look strong together, and be respectful of each other’s images. After fights like this, I can always confirm how wonderful of a person KF is because he is patient with my emotions and only wants the best for me and for us. I hope he always knows that I think very highly of him and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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