[2023/01/02] magic garden

BAN and DV invited me to join them on their trip to Magic Garden in Philly. It was beautiful outside today – not too sunny, but the temperature was around 50s F, which was perfect for a stroll. This reminded me of my visit with YN in our freshman year. Today I came back to the place and still had a similar feeling, though not super duper impressed like I was because it was a lot tinier than I remember. Also, instead of focusing on the whole exhibition and taking hundreds of pictures, I paid attention to some specifically amusing sculptures, patterns, and paintings, and took just a few pictures of myself instead.

This is Magic Garden’s overall beauty!

Magic Garden’s coolest details that I spotted today, though I’m sure there are plenty more worth capturing!

Then, we walked to Chinatown. I introduced BAN and DV to Yum Yum – KF’s favorite Hong Kong street food corner store. We basically swept all the rice rolls they had left, both shrimp and pork fillings. BAN and DV also bought soy milk and they claimed it to be the best one yet in Philly because they could still taste the thin layer of bean skin, which was the most delicious part of the milk! Then we also had bingsus – matcha and taro flavors. I really enjoyed the taro flavor and I would love to take my parents there for some refreshments when they visit Philly this summer. After that, we went to several pastries shops, all because I wanted to find some pineapple buns that I promised KF I would get for him!

The final activity that we did was visiting Nike Outlet in Fashion District. They have a 30% off promotion and if you sign up for a new Nike membership, you could get an extra 15% off, all on top of the already discounted price from the MSRP. Super great deal, right? In the end, each of us walked out of the shop with at least 1 Nike bag!

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