[2023/01/01] new year resolution

In 2022, my resolution was to make my bed every single day. No excuses. Waking up would be the first thing in the morning, and if making my bed is not the second thing, it would be the last thing before I walk out of the door to start my day. I also noticed that since I started keeping my bed tidy, my room has become cleaner and more organized. I also get irritated and uncomfortable now when I don’t broom and sweep my room often enough, which has forced me to do chores at least once every two weeks. So, I am proud to announce that I have successfully conquered this quest and formed good habits that are beneficial to my life.

In 2023, my resolution is to ALWAYS look back and check for my belongings before I leave any place. Today I forgot my earrings at KC’s but, luckily, we came back to his house for a bathroom break so I didn’t have to wait for weeks to have them delivered to Villanova by KC. Well… not the best start for my resolution but fingers crossed I will be able to conquer another resolution this year!

Here are pictures of our visit to Princeton University and brunch at PJ’s House

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