[2022/12/31] what a NYE!

KC invited KF and me, along with our friend group, to his house for the New Year Eve’s party. Unfortunately, AR and A canceled last minute because of a huge scandal and misunderstanding between AR and KC. Meanwhile, KC was furious, because he spent a lot of time and effort trying to clean the house and set up everything to welcome everyone.

To elaborate on the “welcome” part, let’s say that Mr. C, Mrs. C, and KC were very kind. Their house, more like a mansion, was huge and nicely decorated with 3 Christmas trees, Star Wars ornaments (2 of them talked to each other), and penguin statues. The family also generously prepared home-cooked party food that could possibly feed 15 people. Some dishes include Pigs in a Blanket, pastries (ruggelach was my favorite), sushi, crab dip, and guac.

At the party, besides chatting among ourselves, we also got to know friends from the family. One of the couples had an adopted Vietnamese son and they told me so many things about their adventures and family. I was glad to hear about the time that they visited Saigon to adopt his son. However, the memory was quite outdated, because it was like 20 years ago. Many things have changed since and I bet they would feel surprised if they visit Vietnam again today. Funny enough, the wife also tried to introduce me to her son, which I didn’t quite understand at first when she opened that to me and asked for my contact information. When I finally understood what was going on, I tried to offer my amateur college advice instead. Still, I doubted that she caught my confusion and my effort to back out of this match-making attempt. Luckily, KF came by and said Hi. I quickly hugged him and said that this is my boyfriend. And ladies and gentlemen, that’s how I got out of this awkward situation!

Later that night, we all gathered to watch the ball drop in NYC and drank champagne. Then, KF and I opted for water to dilute the alcohol in our bodies and convinced KC to inform us of the conflict between him and AR and if we could be of any help. It took KC 2 more glasses of mixed drinks, made by KF, to finally spilled the tea. From his confession, I could tell that KC was sad, angry, and disappointed. He overreacted most of the time, but he is a good person at heart. Maybe he needed to wait for a couple of days so everyone can calm down and want to listen to each other. KF and I both agreed that we could not be the peace moderator in this issue, but we would always support KC and their friendship regardless. We also tried to provide several pieces of advice and explanation to him, which he strongly defended against and there wasn’t much we could do to reverse that. Towards the end, he just let us read some text messages and chill out while he went upstairs with his dad and his friend.

As we thought the night would come to an end here, his friend and his dad wrestled upstairs. They were against each other because they disagreed on their music tastes and thought they were in the 1800s. KC had to try to break them off – a 61-year-old and a 25-year-old, whom, described by KC, as both drunk and went to the gym way more often than him. After that, his friend went down to the basement to sleep. Little did we know that his action so quickly turned into a nightmare for all three of us because his friend threw up and we had to clean up the mess so KC’s parents wouldn’t find out. We took about an hour to cover up this “hideous business” and went to bed at around 5 AM.

What a New Year’s Eve!

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