[2022/12/30] a day in Hatfield Village

KF and I had a no-effort and full-chill day today at his place in Hatfield Village. We started off our day in the afternoon. We went skateboarding, the first was to pick up his Amazon order from the Amazon Hub, and the second was for fun. We found a small trail that cut through the forest, which had bad road pavement for skating but was good for walking. Then, KF introduced me to his motorcycle. I could tell that he was very proud of it and was even happier when I liked it too. He took me on a ride around Hatfield, then let me try riding it, which btw didn’t go as well as we expected because I was too petite for this 300 cc beast!

After my failed attempt to conquer the motorcycle, we both agreed that we would check out some nearby thrift stores before going for dinner. We went to Goodwill and Liberty Ministries Thrift. I thought Liberty Ministries Thrift was interesting, it is operated by Liberty Ministries, a non-profit organization that supports prison offenders and ex-offenders get back on their feet. 100% of the proceeds gained from our thrift stores go to this program!

Dinner was at Red Lobster. We wanted to give this place a try since our previous attempt, I felt super under the weather and refused to eat anything presented to me, while KF got food poisoning after eating their food. Of course, we avoided their KOP location and went for the one in Hatfield instead. This time, the food turned out not too bad! We both enjoyed their Shrimp Rangoon appetizer and the Blackened Salmon main dish with a side of shrimp popcorn. KF also ordered another portion of their complimentary cornbread! After dinner, we went to So Fun Yogurt in Wayne for dessert. We both agreed that their Berry Yoghurt Flavor was the best and their Marshmallow Flavor tasted like coffee; also, the bursting bubbles were very fun!

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