[2022/12/28] my car mirror got injured

KF always warned me about terrible Villanova drivers but I can’t believe that I had to experience that today. I was taking it to Xfinity center to help HT and DN return their wifi routers when I noticed that the bottom edge of the car’s mirror was broken. To be specific, a noticeable piece was gone. I’m also pretty sure that the mirror was still intact yesterday night when I checked on it with KF. I was mad about this, but I couldn’t do anything because there were no cameras outside The Commons and I could not catch the culprit. I guess I just have to deal with it then :|.

I tried to calm my emotions down by making some beef dumplings. I learned from Marion’s Kitchen recipe. It could definitely be better, because the beef was a little clumpy and I might over boil the dumplings. I should have stir-fried the beef instead. Next time then, I know better now NBD!

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