[2022/12/27] sharing is caring

It was a terrible day for KF and I. It all started with a single fortune cookie. He didn’t offer to share it with me and I read this action as selfish and not caring because if I were him at that time, I would definitely break it in half and share it with him. I always share the last bite or the only piece of what I have because I think of and love him. He argued that this was not a big deal and he could make it up by getting me other stuff. Plus, I should think about other times when he went the extra mile to buy me whatever I liked. However, I wanted to let him know that the act of sharing itself is also very important, even when the other person didn’t specifically ask you to save it for them. You can give them other things but that is for other times and they can’t really make up for selfish moments. Sharing shows that you really care about the other person in every moment that you go through.

We really took a day to sort it out with a lot of tears and frustration from my end. But that’s okay, we came through this together and it was meant to improve our relationship!

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