[2022/12/26] sk@ting

This morning, KF and I went to Ocean Harbor for dim sum with his dad and his uncle. I have been dreaming about having dim sum here forever and I finally got to go today yay. The place was extremely crowded today – lots of people trying to eat good food on a holiday! Everything we ordered was super delicious! I especially loved their new dish – fried tofu skin wrapped around shrimp, dipped in mayonnaise. My all-time favorite of course were always salt and pepper braised ribs, shrimp shumai, and crispy shrimp balls. Actually, today they also ordered yin-yang fried rice, which was half tomato and fried egg rice with chicken, and half white sauce with shrimp. It was quite a unique dish – looked simple enough to make and eat!

After lunch, KF and I checked out the Asian mart right next door, where I bought a ton of Asian sauces, ingredients, and snacks. Our favorite discovery is the salted egg roll – not too expensive and is individually packed! Also, with the amount of food that I bought today combined with my Giant run the other day, I think I will be so good for many weeks later!

Then, we went roller skating at Philly SkatePlex. Unlike the time at Maple Skating Center during Special Olympics, this time I picked blades, the type of skate that I practiced a lot when my brother and I were younger. I remember that ba Thinh always took us to the park with a statue nearby our house in Tan Mai. We would skate until we feel so tired and we would walk back together. It was one of our best childhood memory with ba Thinh! Anyway, back to the present, KF and I skated together for more than an hour! Then the MC announced that only girls were allowed on the floor, and a song later, only guys were allowed. KF also taught me how to do a cross-over. I love love rollerskating and had even more fun when I did so with KF. I think KF was definitely my perfect skating partner since he was also so patient, kind, and skillful!

At night, KF and I went to Regal to watch Avatar 2. It was a crazily long move – 3 hours! I had trouble remembering some details and connecting the movie with Avatar 1, which was released 13 years ago. I really should have rewatched Avatar 1 to refresh my memory. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the effects and the exciting adventures that the characters had. I’m so glad that I took BAN and VD’s advice to watch this movie in 3D and not the regular 2D like all the other ones!

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