[2022/12/23] Christmas village

KF came to my apartment and we hung out today. We made lunch together – XO shrimp and rice noodles, then we went to Philly and checked out Christmas Village. We were a little shocked to learn that only half of the shops were open there, probably because it was way too cold and windy. It’s predicted that the temperature will drop further tomorrow too! At Christmas Village, we ate some street food – I got a Korean K-dog, which is fish and mozzarella, while KF got a Tokyo Tower or fried potatoes with cheese flavors. We also went to Paris Baguette to hunt for some mochi donuts. The only flavors they got was peppermint and it was a little too sweet. Actually, I think everything there was overly sugarcoated because their matcha latte was insanely sweet too.

After that, we walked around Fashion District to hide from the brutal wind. Our goal was to find some sliders for KF to walk around my apartment comfortably, but weirdly, none of the shops there got what we wanted! Instead, we bought measuring cups for KF and makeup wipes for me. For dinner, we decided on Terakawa ramen since we had plenty of time before nighttime, and I had been skipping this place for the past 3 times just because of the long wait. Lucky for us, the line was short tonight. I had one of the best ramens ever and it reminded me of Ipuddo that I had in New York. Also I found out that the ramen place in Bryn Mawr has the same exact menu style as Terakawa, their food is just not as good. We suspect that one of Terakawa’s employees separated out and opened their own restaurant, hence the similarity!

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