[2022/12/22] sweet green visit

AH works in Sweetgreen and she has been convincing me to visit her for a while. Today I finally did as I wanted to do some grocery shopping in Giant. She was truly the sweetest as she got me the newly made blackened chicken instead of the one that was sitting for a while and recommended I not get the fish because it had been sitting there for a while.

I did a huge shopping trip today and totally forgot to use the Giant gift card that I picked up from Res Life :/

Late at night, I came back to my room and found out that my basil bloomed some flowers. I read about this on the internet before and I knew that I had to pinch them off because when in bloom, the plant focuses so much energy on the flower that it will die after it’s done. I didn’t save the flowers but turned out they are completely edible. In terms of fragrance and flavor, the flowers are similar, if milder, than the leaves. Sometimes, flowers can be somewhat bitter, so test them first (Google).

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