[2022/12/15] a snoopy christmas gift

I am writing this post from 12/25/22 so I might not remember every single detail of this day 🙂

It’s not even Christmas yet, but I have received so many gifts. I feel very blessed and happy that I am surrounded by people who are thoughtful and truly love me!

At around 10 PM today, OM asked if she could drop by my room for a quick 15 minutes. Then, she gave me a little Christmas ornament, hand painted by her grandma, who is an awesome artist. The character on the ornament was snoopy – OM’s favorite cartoon character. Every time I go to HomeGoods, I would see so many snoopy items and I just want to get them all for OM! I would love to do so for her birthday next year. Anyway, I really appreciate the gift, though I don’t actually have a Christmas tree, because it means that her grandma still remembered me from my last visit and thought of me on this special holiday!

Prior to his sweet moment was the disastrous MIS 3020 (Enterprise Sytems) exam. I don’t think I did too bad, but I just spent way too much time studying for it. Dr. B said that he had been using this method of teaching and giving exams for so many years and he understood that it was very harsh, but it was the best way to retain and actually understand the information. His exam consisted of SAP and blockchain. I think I kinda agree with him, because I have learned about blockchain so much more than I have ever done in life thanks to him! Just so thankful that this thing is done.

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