[2022/12/13] evil plan ;)

Yesterday, on my way to VLS for work, I came across a huge TV in the junkyard. So, I texted AK and asked if he could pull his car over and help me take this gem for a test, just curious to see if it worked. So AK agreed, with one condition that I would eat lunch with him. An hour later, he came to VLS and helped me load it into his car. The TV was so huge that we needed to lower the seat to make space for it.

Then today, in the afternoon, AK picked me up from Bartley and we drove to the CTS office in the library to test out this TV. I liked to call it an evil plan because technically it’s not illegal to thrift stuff from the junkyard, but finding a 55-inch TV and carrying it around the school is actually a little sus regardless. Anyway, I then borrowed a power cable from the office to plug it into the TV. The TV worked like a charmed, with an exception of 3 bright spots. But that was really nothing to me because the most important fact is this tv is free and it freaking WORKED! TN also helped me pull this through by offering his laptop for testing. Here is a picture of us celebrating the win together!

After this, AK helped me carry the TV up to my room, so I can store it while waiting for KF to come and bring it to his house. I personally didn’t see myself using a TV anytime soon and I also don’t have any space for it, so I think it’s best that the TV is with KF so he can enjoy some movies and play some games in his spacious apartment!

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