[2022/12/12] last day of class, halfway through senior year

Time doesn’t walk, it flies.

I am already halfway through my senior year. I successfully passed down my presidency to MK in Ascend. I served on the committee of Special Olympics.

So now, I only have 6 courses away from graduation, a few thesis statements, and a few confirmation letters, and I will be done with my college… forever.

I don’t think it’s hitting me today yet, probably because I’m so busy with work and finals. But I bet May next year will be a completely different mood.

About today, I went to class and gave my professor gifts from home. Then, I visited the Christmas market and bought myself a pair of cute studs because I technically still don’t have any earrings from Villanova with Villanova color yet. I also ate a Vietnamese burrito bowl from one of the food trucks. I wouldn’t be able to try the bowl if it weren’t for my brother and his friend S stayed in line and ordered one for me. We stood by the fire pit, enjoying our food and the crazy cold. After that, I spent my night at CTS doing my shifts and some homework.

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