[2022/12/11] too cold to handel’s

I was still kinda mad at KF because we got into a big fight about my driving on Friday, which sometimes ruined the party and the plan. However, KF was still very nice and patient with my emotions. He never complained or told me that he would give up when I give a big attitude. All he did was smile and asked me if I ever need anything or what kind of help he could do. He also drove a few of us back to Villanova. It was a 30-minute drive with pretty bad road conditions and rainy weather, yet he happily did so because he wanted us safe and wanted to spend a little more time with me.

When we came back to my place, I was basically very hangry and KF took me to the Japanese place right in Bryn Mawr and let me eat some warm ramen, takoyaki, and shrimp balls. The food was only okay, but I felt much better since I could finally calm down and spend some alone time with KF and talk about whatever I liked at the time without any worries.

After that, I spent the rest of my day doing homework and studying for the exam the next week.

In the evening, he stopped by my place again and asked if I wanted any ice cream for dessert. I actually didn’t have dinner yet, so I ended up having ice cream for dinner at Handel’s. It was freezing and rainy outside, yet we decided to eat ice cream at a place that only allow takeaway. I liked it though because we just did another crazy thing together that was on my list – eating something cold on an equally cold day. The ice cream was very delicious, all handmade and freshly made every day with many creative flavors. Definitely worth the harsh weather and the drive!


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