[2022/12/10] early Christmas night at KF’s

KF and I invited our close friends to KF’s house for an early Christmas celebration. We did potluck, in which each of us brought a dish and enjoyed them together. I cooked shrimp and fish with garlic butter lemon sauce; KC brought crab dip and mac n cheese; AR made a Puerto Rican alcoholic warm drink; KF bought a lot of snacks; AM made dessert treats from nuts; M and A baked some rolls and miso potatoes; Aaron made potato wedges. Besides that, we also did White Elephant and we each brought a gift under $20 to contribute to the pool. We took turns to either get a new gift in the pool or steal from other people who already got the gift. I almost ended up with the Gudetama Egg in a papercut plusie by stealing from A, but I knew that A was very sad, so I asked him for the lego set instead. I actually really loved the lego because of the tiny hedgehogs; even better, it can be assembled in 3 different ways. Also, just the fact that KF picked it from Target made the gift even more special. Then we all played some drinking games and messed around with the toys. I went to bed at like 1, but I knew my brother and some of my other friends stayed up way longer than that!

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